calculator1Our Home Inspection Report is made with the assistance the most advanced Computer Aided Inspection Software on the market. The Home Inspection Report presents the information in a clear, easy to read, and completely documented manner that visually details what was found at the time of inspection. Our reports include pictures of the front of the house, porch, patio, sidewalk, driveway, garage / carport, all of the rooms in the home, as well as many of the deficiencies found. We also provide detailed Report Summary which includes pictures as well.

Your Home Inspection Report is delivered to you via email usually the night as your home inspection.

Our Inspection Reports are:

  •  Easy to Read & Use
  •  Detailed and Visual so you can see what we found
  •  Complete, Relevant and Delivered On Time to help you complete your transaction without missing your inspection deadline.
  •  Easy to access for all that are working with you to help make your home purchase smoother.

Pricing of Standard Residential Home Inspection Reports

Description Price
1999 sq feet or less                                $325
2000 sq feet – 2499 sq feet                 $350
2500 sq feet – 2999 sq feet                  $375
3000 sq feet – 3499 sq feet                 $400
3500 sq feet – 3999 sq feet                 $425
4000 sq feet  or larger               Call

A Standard Residential Home Inspection Includes the Following:

Structural Systems * Exterior System * Roofing System * Plumbing System
Electrical System * Heating / Cooling * Interior Systems
Insulation & Ventilation System * Built-in Kitchen Appliances


Crawlspace Foundation $75
Pelican State Inspection charges an additional $75 fee if the home has a crawlspace foundation. Do you have a crawlspace foundation? If the home is raised above ground level and there is an accessible space underneath the answer is YES.

Lawn Sprinkler Inspection $50
Does you future Shreveport / Bossier City home have a Lawn Sprinkler System? If so you can choose to have it included with for home inspection for an additional $50. –> Click Here

Detached Building Inspection $50 and Up
· If your future home has a detached building / garage / work shop you can choose to have it included in with your inspection as well. Pricing depends on size and type of building. Please call for pricing information.

Re-Inspection Fee $75
Where their repairs made to the property after the inspection? Pelican State Inspection charges a $75 Re-Inspection fee to return to the inspected property to check to make sure the repairs were made.

Return Trip Fee $75
Pelican State Inspection charges a $75 return trip fee if the utilities are not connected at the property at the time of the inspection or if there are areas with restricted access that inspector was not able to inspect.

The above pricing is based on standard response times and all areas within a 60 minute travel time. Travel times are quoted for the time to travel to your inspection site and back to Pelican State Inspection’s office to conduct an onsite inspection of the property.  Additional fees may apply depending on the distance from our office to the property.

Inspection fees are due at the conclusion of the inspection.

Payment can be made at the inspection using cash, check, or money order.