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Pelican State Inspection

Inspected to keep you PROTECTED

Home inspections have become an increasingly important part of real estate transactions over the past several years. Over 80-percent of all buyer/seller transactions now involve a home inspector. The reason for this is simply that a home inspector is a buyer's or seller's first line of defense when protecting their physical and finical health. Pelican State Inspection can help you prevent making a costly real estate mistake. Pelican State Inspection's thorough home inspections and detailed home inspection reports are your most important ally to assure that you are making an informed buying decision.

Pelican State Inspection offers an extensive portfolio of inspection services designed to arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision. We work side-by-side with all of our clients to provide the most thorough home inspections in Northern Louisiana including Shreveport, Bossier City, Keithville, Haughton, Benton, Greenwood, Mooringsport, Stonewall. Call us today, and find out what makes Pelican State Inspection the most trusted name for home inspection in the Northern Louisiana Area.


The process of buying or selling a new home stressful and expensive. A home inspection from Pelican State Inspection will help you discover the condition of your purchase and help eliminate the chance that you might discover major problems a few months down the road. Pelican State Inspection is you best choice for a home inspection in Northern Louisiana including the Shreveport & Bossier City areas.

Learn About the Home Inspection Process with Our Virtual Home Inspection


Take our Virtual Home Inspection Tour now learn what a home inspection is about. You will see some common problem areas discovered during a home inspection.

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My Vision For Pelican State Inspection"

"Simply stated is to provide the BEST professional building inspection that you can get in the North Louisiana parishes, delivered in the quickest time and providing you the most complete Inspection Report to help guide you when buying or selling your home so as to not make a costly mistake."


                                                                        Foxe Smothers

                                                                          Owner / Inspector

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